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New henghui technology grand opening ceremony.

发布于2018-04-13 16:06    文章来源:未知

At 9:38 a.m. on March 28, shandong xinhenghui electronic technology co., LTD. Held a grand opening ceremony in tangzhuang hotel, zibo high-tech zone.

Zibo city vice mayor satellite, zibo high-tech zone migration of leaders, the state's financial security chip industry promoting union commission President Wang Qinsheng core investment management company deputy general manager, China Ren Kai, Beijing CLP Chang Feng bgi, general manager, general manager of Beijing tongfang microelectronics YueChao, and industrial chain in the smart card industry at home and abroad more than 100 units representatives attended the ceremony.

Ren Zhijun the chairman delivered a speech on ceremony, thanks to the new established heng hui technology entrepreneurs at all levels of government, financial institutions, in the process of industry chain and the strong support of the friends from all walks of life to give, all the cadres and staff throughout the persistence and leave the trust and support. The chairman introduced to the guests the development strategy and objectives of the new henghui. In the current situation of opportunities and challenges in the current smart card industry, enterprises in the industry chain will carry out more practical exchanges and cooperation, promote each other and promote the rapid development of the industry.

On behalf of the government of zibo city, the deputy mayor of gai said that he would like to congratulate the opening of the new permanent foreign exchange, and that the new permanent exchange will be a new starting point, a new journey and a new leap forward.

In her speech, Ms. Wang stressed that the new henghui is the only provider of smart card carrier in China, which is an important part of China's smart card industry. The establishment of new henghui has a long and profound strategic significance for China's smart card industry security and national information security.

China core investment management co., LTD., head, tongfang microelectronics yue always said that the current is the golden period of IC industry, needs the industry collaboration, integrate strength, firmly grasp the market opportunity smart card and the Internet of things, together, will be in developing smart card industry to a new height. We are willing to carry out strategic cooperation with new henghui in an in-depth manner. The whole industry will work together to build a complete industrial chain of China's smart card industry and provide a solid guarantee for national information security.

Vice chairman Chen tongsheng presided over the opening ceremony. General manager zhu Lin introduced the future development plan of new henghui to the guests.

Chief engineer wang guangnan and marketing manager lu zi introduced the new product development and market structure to the guests respectively.

The company's middle-level cadres, r&d and marketing personnel participated in the opening ceremony.