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Zhou lianhua, the party secretary, went to the company to in

发布于2018-04-13 16:05    文章来源:未知

On the morning of March 27, zhou lianhua, party secretary of the CPC zibo committee and director of the standing committee of the municipal people's congress, was accompanied by wei yujiao, deputy secretary of the industrial committee of the high-tech zone, and wei yujiao, executive deputy director of the administrative committee.

In the factory district, zhou secretary walked along and listened to the report of the chairman of ren zhijun on the development plan of the new henghui and the production and operation of the first quarter. In the company of 2 # and 4 # workshop workshop construction site, secretary zhou ask for details of the engineering construction scale, construction period and use function, operational time, and what need party committee, government coordination and support to help matters, and seal the load on a smart card, chip test cross and smart card module product and service related matters, and chairman of Ren Zhijun conducted extensive exchanges. Secretary zhou lianhua gave high praise to the strategic goal of new henghui innovation and technology, leading the industry's future development direction. We hope that the new henghui will give full play to China's local market advantages, one-stop service advantages and cost competitive advantages, and accelerate its development to play a leading role in the transformation of new and old drivers in zibo city.